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Sasha and Rhys initially began growing vegetables because they wanted to
teach themselves skills- they started out as homesteaders who were preparing for self sufficient sustainability and wanting to live the good life.

Sasha, who is originally from the city in the South West of America, couldn't
get enough of the country life and Rhys, who grew up on a beef farm outside of Lismore, was more than happy to return to his roots.

But they quickly learned that love for the land wouldn't be enough to pay the mortgage at the end of the day. So the doomsayer and the city slicker started a farm.


Today Green Goddess Farm is on its 11th season of growing certified organic fruit and vegetables for the Northern Rivers and surrounds. They place high emphasis on quality nutrient dense produce, soil health, and regenerative farming. They grow a diverse range of seasonal vegetables and their mixed orchard of apples, kiwi fruit, nashi pears, and peaches is becoming mature enough to provide local fruit to the community.


They also keep bees and make skin care products from their wax. As their website says 'we eat what you eat', which highlights their original desire to feed themselves coupled with their drive to serve their community and provide access to good quality produce for all.

Being a community, we support each other : )

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