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Nimbin cooperative



"Volunteers are not paid because they are worthless, but because they are priceless" United Nations statement on volunteering.

Volunteering at the Co-op is a fantastic way to get more involved.

It provides a great opportunity to connect with the community, learn more about our products and decrease your shopping bills. It’s also fun!

Shop volunteers help keep the Co-op running as smoothly as possible. On a typical shift you may spend your time filling up shelves, working at the till, welcoming and assisting customers and helping keep the shop clean and tidy.

We run volunteer training onsite for specific tasks such as customer service, food stocking and care etc.

Pop in and chat the one of the Co-op volunteers about training.

WHAT volunteers SAY...

Best part about the co-op was meeting like a lot of like minded people in the community with similar interests and getting to know people more in depth. As well as getting to know where/who a lot of the local food comes from and how its done.
The choc goji berries are also pretty great : )


We are also always looking for members with extra skills that they may like to volunteer to the Co-op, such as:

  • Handy person

  • Desktop publishing (Newsletter production, flyers etc.)

  • Research

  • PR, marketing, promotion

  • Filing/office skills

  • Sewing

  • Screen printing...

Sounds like you? Want to get involved?

Speak to a volunteer in store




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