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By Neil Amor-Food Matters, NGT

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Jake Shedden knows his land intimately. Some 40 years ago he was born in a tent by the creek that runs through his property. 30 odd years later his eldest son is born in the same backyard (this time in a yurt!)

Somewhere in-between, Jake met Lanie, and 4 kids and a lot of elbow grease later, Hanging Rock Farm not only feeds their brood but the entire Nimbin Valley as well. 

Surrounded by the Border Ranges, the family farm sits on about 100 acres. As a result of painstakingly replenishing the soil over the years, Jake and Lanie are able to provide for themselves and a grateful community from a mere 2 acres. Constantly rotating the crops is labor intensive but ultimately rewarding and produces high yields.  

While growing for some years for their family needs, they branched out to supply local farmers markets in 2013. It wasn't long before word of good, reliable produce got around and they now supply a range of 40 types of vegetable as well as a blooming business in cut flowers, with over 40 varieties. They finally acknowledged they actually had a business when they recently purchased their first designated work shed.

Hanging Rock Farm can be found on Facebook, and their always fresh produce can be purchased at the Nimbin Organic Food Co Op...supporting local growers.

Being a community, we support each other : )

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