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By Neil Amor-Food Matters, NGT

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You've made it to the end of the year and it's time to indulge. Julie from Nimbin Lovebites can help you with that.

Keen for chocolate products that were both guilt free and nutritious, Julie began developing a range that were good for the body, inside and out.

Drawing on her background in the food industry, and incorporating aromatherapy principles and cooking with essential oils, Julie started with several varieties of hand made chocolates.

Finding herself surrounded by cacao (as opposed to coco, which is chemically processed) the natural next step in the business was to wear it.

Chocolate Body Butter is a great natural lubricant and moisturiser for the skin.

Next came Sun Protection (chocolate based, of coarse) with 20% zinc. Also ready for summer is a Lip Balm made with local honey and beeswax.

All packaging is compostable or re-usable, and make great gifts.


To temp you further, all chocolates are available in bulk, exclusively, at the Nimbin Organic Food Co Op.

Being a community, we support each other : )

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