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By Neil Amor-Food Matters, NGT

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Over the coming months Food Matters will highlight some of the people behind what we eat.

As Autumn creeps in, thoughts turn to bread...really good bread...and Nimbin is fortunate to have some passionate bakers in them thar hills.

Jason and Myfanwy of Nimbin Sourdough have been making and delivering high quality bread and unique pastries and biscuits to an appreciative community for the last 10 years.

Jason, originally from New York City where he cut his teeth as a chief, headed for a sea change and arrived in Bungalow before being seduced by the allure of  Nimbin, Myfanwy's home town, finding it much more suitable for their young family.

Starting small from home they soon had people queuing up at their house, so they started supplying Saturday's Blue Knob Farmers Markets. Shortly after, with the help of his artisan father in law, they constructed a wood fired brick oven with a capacity of 35 loaves at a time.

Obviously not having enough to do, they helped set up the Wednesday Nimbin Farmers Market, where you can find them plying their wears (still with a queue), or you can pop in to the Co Op on Thursdays to get your bread... but be quick!

Being a community, we support each other : )

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