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By Neil Amor-Food Matters, NGT

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Nestled on a spectacular plateau on the slopes of Mt Nardi overlooking the Nimbin Valley, sits a farm with a view: Paddy Melon Place.

Initially intending to set up in Tien's home place in North Queensland 23 years ago, Robyn was drawn to the benefits of home birthing as practiced in Nimbin at that time, and before long both were captured by the lure of the valley.

Drawing on their love of biodynamic gardening, and finding their intended future home and environment rich in soil and fresh spring water, they set about establishing a self sufficient life style.

Aside from a large veggie garden, they have a wide range of fruit trees groaning with produce; macadamias, plantain, olives, avocado,  banana, and an abundance of every kind of citrus imaginable.

They also have some home brewing of wine... Davidson Plum is currently on the go... although you would have to be a family member to have access to that!

The Nimbin Organic Food Co Op has exclusive access to the fruits of Robyn, Tien and family's produce, established over 23 years ago. Come on in and check it out. 

Being a community, we support each other : )

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