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Nimbin Food Co-op News

“What you find at the end of your fork is more powerful than anything you’ll find at the bottom of a pill bottle”

Dr Mark Hyman

Thank you to our beautiful community for your continued loyal support.

Without you, we cease to exist.

Food is our medicine.

At the Nimbin Food Co-op, we endeavour to provide the most nutritious, certified organic food; free from harmful additives, sourced from local and Australian producers, with money going straight back into the community, rather than to huge heartless global corporations.

We understand how escalating food prices are impacting everyone.

So here at the Nimbin Food Co-op we have decided to permanently increase our members discount to 15%!

October is our annual membership renewal time, where we generously allow a months grace for customers to pay for their 2022/23 membership.

As of the 1st of November if you have not renewed, sadly your discount will cease.

Yearly membership costs $25 and allows you 15% off all your purchases (10% for bread and milk).

As we are a community owned, volunteer run organisation, this $25 goes straight back into the running and expansion of this wonderful

community co-operative.

We would so love to see lots more Nimbin locals venture in and join up.

Have you ever wanted to volunteer?

We have a permanent 5 hour shift available for Saturday, and a casual relief volunteer to cover shifts when other volunteers are unable to cover their shifts.

The reward for participating is an initial 20% discount on purchases, with the discount increasing to 28% after 3 months consistent work.

Pop in and chat to some current volunteers about how fulfilling it is to be part of this wonderful community co-operative.

As the days lengthen and warm up, Spring is the perfect time to get out into the garden.

Here at the Nimbin Food Co-op we have an abundant array of herb, flower and vegetable seedlings, along with a huge variety of certified organic open pollinated seeds, to help you on your way to self sufficiency.

Wishing you a healthy and grounded October.

Hope to see you soon.

Much LoVe,

Nimbin Food Co-op Fam

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