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By Neil Amor-Food Matters, NGT

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Nimbin is fortunate to be surrounded by small specialty farms that provide a unique food experience, and one of those farms is Tutti Fruitti.

Established by James and Phillip over 18 years ago, following on from their shared interests and passion for a sustainable lifestyle, biodynamic and permaculture principles and a desire to take advantage of the rich soil and temperate climate.

Starting small with Jackfruit, after an initial 3 year start-up, they then moved onto Rolenia's.

Both James and Phillip were excited about trying to propagate as many exotic fruit trees that they could get their hands on and now can boast that they have a collection that has seen interest from the Exotic Fruits Foundation , amongst others, as well as conducting tours to interested groups.

Some of their produce include rarities such as: Rolenias / Jackfruit / Lakoocha / Sun Sopote / Mamae Sopote / Chumper Jack / Cedar Apples / Yellow Mangostein / Cheromia and Kia Apple.


Shortly after establishing the farm, James noticed that despite many fruit trees, there weren't many bees. So what does one do...become a bee keeper!

Tutti Frutti Farm now has 28 bee hives scattered throughout the property. So successful this venture has been that they started up the Nimbin  Natural Beekeepers group.

And just to prove the old saying that if you want something done give it to a busy person, James and Phillip have been involved in the establishment of Blue Knob and the Wednesday Farmers Markets, as well as their ongoing commitment to Nimbin's Organic Food Co Op.

Come on in and check out their unique range of fruits as well as a wide selection of honey products.

Being a community, we support each other : )

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