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Meet Lucy

Lucy has been volunteering at the co-op for just over a year now...

She moved to Nimbin area few months before than, wanting to give her children more freedom and access to nature... She has studied kinesiology, trained as a doula and worked in a co-op in Sydney before concentrating on homeschooling her children.

"I started volunteering at the Nimbin co-op because I wanted to get to know the community, have access to really fresh organic food and the 28% volunteer discount on my food also played a major role At the co-op I love meeting all the different people and I appreciate that apart from Items available at the shop I can also order extras at a discounted price"

Lucy is passionate about organizing spaces and has helped some locals declutter and rearrange their spaces using feng shui principles. "Creating order and flow in people's living spaces is what truly gives me joy"...

Heeeerrrreeeee is Lucy!

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