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Meet Peter

Peter does not like his photo taken, but we really think that he is vital to co-op's success and that is why we want to acknowledge his contribution.

Peter has taken on a big load in the co-op. He is responsible for processing deliveries, couple of times/week but you can often find him in the co-op even on his days off making sure all is running smoothly.

He initially joined co-op for the food. He remembers being a child and eating stuff grown in the garden. Everything tasted amazing. But now, if you buy the same things in a mainstream shop - things are tasteless. Peter is really grateful for the co-op and buys pretty much all his food here. He knows quality when he tastes it.

When he moved into the area, he did not know that co-op even existed because we are sort of "hidden in plain sight". He found us when we were mentioned on the local radio and he became involved shortly after.

Peter loves the idea of volunteering as he sees it as totally different than actually having a job in a shop. You treat your role differenly. There is no boss telling you what to do and there is no focus on making more money. It is all about service, contribution and taking responsibility. The people you work with are not your co-workers. They are your friends and coming to work is something Peter looks forward to.

Peter is very clear on the fact that the reason he is so involved is because he knows he is not only providing top quality food, but also supporting passionate producers and building a community. " If it was crap, I would not be excited and would not be involved"

We are very grateful to have Peter as a volunteer in the co-op. He might look a bit fierce sometimes, but we quickly worked out that he is a real softie. He will go out of his way to help people and always does more than his role requires. He is also great at "Dad jokes".

Thank you so much Peter for your contribution. We really appreciate you

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